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Mission-Critical Power Management

Does your IT equipment have multiple power cords?

Are branch circuits difficult to manage?

PowerMAP™ solves this challenge!!!

PowerMAP enables IT and facility professionals to effectively manage their data processing environment.

  • Industry Overview
    Increasing market demand has challenged businesses to provide continuous services for their customers. Data processing Service Level Agreements (SLA's) specify 24x7x365 accessibility. In turn, businesses have required their Information Technology (IT) and facilities professionals to procure and manage data processing and infrastructure systems to meet customer expectations.
  • Twenty-First Century
    Today's data processing environments consist of advanced, high-reliability, IT equipment. New powering topologies were adopted by IT equipment manufacturers to increase data processing capacity and enhance reliability. Multiple, redundant power supplies are standard configurations of modern IT equipment. The facility's electrical and mechanical systems also share similar attributes. Redundant power distribution and cooling systems are utilized to accommodate a 24x7x365 operating goal. However, redundant powering topology created new challenges for managing the power system and raised-floor environment. This challenge inspired the development of an advanced power management resource designed for IT and facility professionals.
  • Benefits
    PowerMAP™ will identify the power system's capabilities and operational dynamics. This information enables the IT and facility professionals to maximize beneficial use of their data processing environment and enhance system reliability. Additionally, this information will aid with capacity planning, preventative maintenance, procurement, repair, replacement and disaster-recovery planning. PowerMAP™ is a user-maintainable resource that adds a layer of reliability for the demands of a twenty-first century data processing environment.
  • Software
    PowerMAP™ is a user-maintainable software-based application developed for the IT and facility management community. Our application provides a systematic process to effectively manage mission-critical power distribution systems, branch circuits, data processing hardware and the physical raised-floor plan.
  • Site Audit - Development
    Each  PowerMAP™ software application is site specific. Power System Solutions will audit your entire data processing environment to inventory the power distribution equipment, branch circuits and data processing equipment. Our audit will also identify specific operational dynamics of your power distribution system and IT equipment. This information is used for developing your "site specific"  PowerMAP™. The completed PowerMAP™ application consists of a power distribution system one-line block diagram, Graphical Modules, Reporting Modules and Inventory Modules. Each module will dynamically calculate essential power system data such as amperes (A) , kilovolt -amperes (kVA), kilowatts (kW), watts/square-foot and percent utilization. PowerMAP™ can be deployed in various Microsoft® Office Platforms.


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