Electrical Maintenance
& Repair Services

Power System Solutions, LLC has consulted over the past 22 years as electrical infrastructure consultants to electric utility companies, hospitals and mission critical facilities. We designed and implemented preventative maintenance programs across a broad spectrum of systems.

Our services include detailed Method of Procedures (MOP) for a successful result. We have planned and implemented numerous power system repair and component replacement activities with precision accuracy. Many of our clients consider us a part of their in-house facility management team.

Power System Solutions, LLC is registered as a Professional Electrical Engineering company with the Board of Technical Registration and Corporation Commission in multiple states. The resident principal engineer is a multi-licensed professional engineer with 33 years of experience in facility management and electrical engineering.

Electrical Maintenance & Repair Services Summary

  • Preventative electrical maintenance programs.
  • Method of Procedure (MOP) development.
  • Scope of Work (SOW) development.
  • Preventative maintenance activity planning.
  • Equipment repair and component replacement activity planning.
  • Preventative maintenance resource coordination.
  • Equipment repair and component replacement resource coordination.
  • On-site preventative maintenance activity implementation.
  • On-site equipment repair and component replacement activity implementation.